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HPPA Industry News

  • 23 Feb 2023 6:35 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    As part of its Keep It. Give It. initiative, Koozie Group (PPAI 114187, S13) and its sister company IMAGEN Brands (PPAI 114197, S10) announced their intent to become carbon neutral on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, as defined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by the end of 2024.

    • They are the first hard goods and stationery promotional products suppliers to set such an aggressive goal. For Koozie Group, this move is the latest in a long line of social responsibility measures the company has made since 2020 when it launched its Keep It. Give It. social impact and sustainability commitment. IMAGEN Brands is now fully participating in the program as well.
    • In 2022, Koozie Group and IMAGEN Brands began measuring Scope 1 and 2 emissions monthly. The EPA defines Scope 1 emissions as direct greenhouse (GHG) emissions generated from sources controlled or owned by the organization, including those associated with fuel combustion in boilers or furnaces. Scope 2 emissions are indirect GHG emissions associated with a company’s purchase of electricity, steam, heat or cooling.
    • “We know that the health of our planet is important to our distributors and their customers, and it’s also important to our employees and their families,” said Pierre Montaubin, chief product & sustainability officer. “We want to lead the promotional products industry in these efforts by going beyond just selling sustainable products to taking this next step in our corporate responsibility journey.”
  • 23 Feb 2023 1:32 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Next Level Apparel announced another key addition to its executive team with Michael (Mike) Alexander taking on the role of president. Most recently, Mike served as executive vice president at Careismatic Brands and brings 10 years of executive leadership in the apparel industry.

    • “This is a big win for us. Mike is joining us at time when we have a lot of momentum and he makes us that much stronger,” said NLA CEO Randy Hales. “He played a key role in the growth of Careismatic from $200M to over $600M during his tenure, including a three-year initiative that grew the digital revenue side of the business to over $100M.”
    • As president at NLA, Alexander will have leadership responsibility for sales, marketing, and product management, with a focus on implementing strategic initiatives that deliver a cohesive, cross-functional go-to-market approach aimed at growing the company’s top line.
    • “This is like joining a team on its way to the Super Bowl. I’m thrilled to be joining the company and to do my part to build upon the successes at Next Level Apparel,” he said.
  • 17 Feb 2023 5:22 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    PPAI has announced the members of its Technology Committee for 2023. Including industry tech experts from a nearly equal number of distributors and suppliers as well as service providers, the committee was formed with balance in mind. It is made up of representatives from small, medium and large companies.

    The committee will identify industry problems and brainstorm viable solutions while enhancing Promo Data Exchange (PDX).

    Why Does PPAI Need A Technology Committee?

    Chris Anderson, CEO of HPG and the technology committee’s liaison to the PPAI Board of Directors, lays out the reason for the committee.

    “The stated purpose of the PPAI technology committee is to advance the digital transformation of the industry,” Anderson says. “I can’t think of a more exciting – but also more important – initiative facing suppliers and distributors today, and I am excited to partner with this talented and knowledgeable group to take it on.”

    Promo companies of all sizes are constantly looking for tech solutions to problems they face in their day-to-day operations.

    • Most issues are shared problems that affect other distributors and suppliers.

    “We need to find out what our members’ most significant requests and concerns are,” says Nick DiNicola, PPAI’s digital transformation manager. “It’s great to have an exchange of real-world challenges and successes and, as a group, create a pathway to hopefully fixing some of those [issues].”

    • PPAI’s role is to serve the industry as a whole, identify solutions to issues and raise awareness of the solutions, as well as drive adoption where appropriate.

    “Distributors and suppliers are dealing with the problems, not PPAI,” says PPAI President and CEO Dale Denham. “The organizations that are selling and producing know the issues and can craft the best solutions through collaboration. Our role is to bring them together and create the best value for the industry.”

    Rose Arendarczyk, HALO’s SVP of transformation and the PPAI Technology Committee Chair, expects the conversations to initially be broad and big picture before eventually being narrowed down through discussion. She will bring an outside perspective to the group, having joined HALO in April of 2022 after over seven years of navigating tech solutions at Trustmark Companies, a national employee benefits company.

    “I look forward to working together, engaging in robust discussion and aligning on solutions that will enable improvements to some of the common challenges we face in the industry,” Arendarczyk says. “The committee is a cross-section of different players and will really bring a diverse set of perspectives. Being new to promo, I can also bring an outside lens.”

    • Technology solutions and possibilities are created specifically to meet promo demands, but in some large-scale cases, they will only truly be utilized to their full potential if collaborators across the industry are discovering and able to use them in their businesses.

    “Technology is evolving very rapidly across the promotional products industry,” says Marc Sule, chief information officer at alphabroder Prime Line and member of the committee. “I am excited to be a part of the PPAI Tech Committee to advise on initiatives and industry trends.”

    These trends, according to Taylor Tadmor, president of Tekweld and member of the committee, not only “shape the industry for years to come” but also will be a factor in determining the promo world’s place in an increasingly digital future.

    “It is exciting to be part of a team that is working to ensure the industry remains competitive and relevant,” Tadmor says.

    The Committee Members

    PPAI put together the Technology Committee with an eye on balance between suppliers and distributors as well as size of companies, which shows in the committee roster, but DiNicola also points out that there are a variety of different kind of tech thinkers on the committee.

    “Many of the people are highly technical and highly visionary,” DiNicola says. “I think that combination will lead us to a path to success even faster.”

    PPAI hopes this mix will lead to an organic blend of technology knowledge and business knowledge, so that tech investment is deliberately targeted and immediately impactful. Many promo organizations already implement initiatives to lower the barrier of entry when it comes to technology for their clients. An industry-wide version of that can accomplish more than individual troubleshooting and, hopefully, create growth opportunities. 

    The list of members:

    • Rose Arendarczyk, SVP of transformation, HALO (Committee Chair)
    • Chris Anderson, CEO, HPG (Board Liaison)
    • Nick DiNicola, digital transformation manager, PPAI (Staff Liaison)
    • Joe Hoffmann, vice president of vendor management, iPROMOTEu
    • Malik Hemani, creative director, branding & advertising, Graphic Stylus
    • Ryan Feigenblatt, founder and president, The Boca Ratonian
    • Todd Bold, chief operating officer, Americas at adm Group ltd.
    • Andrea Kramer, president, City Apparel
    • Taylor Tadmor, president, Tekweld
    • Paul Hirsch, president, Hirsch
    • Marc Sule, chief information officer, alphabroder Prime Line
    • Jeison Ortega, chief technology officer, Charles River Apparel
    • Matt Price, manager, information technology, Gold Bond
    • Dustin Downing, chief product officer, OrderMyGear
    • Jeremy Holley, vice president of technology, HPG
    • Edward Streiff, senior manager application development, PCNA
    • Shawn Reed, director of information technology, Showdown Displays
    • Jarod Thorndike, VP of business development, SAGE

    Together, these committee members make up some of the most technologically and business savvy companies in the promotional products industry.

    “The caliber of the organizations on this committee is extremely impressive,” Denham says.

    PDX Remains An Important Topic

    PDX will be top of mind for the technology committee. PDX makes it easy for suppliers to share order status and inventory with distributors with a single integration which will eliminate thousands of hours of wasted effort. Eliminating friction and unnecessary phone calls are goals that most of the industry understands can make business much more efficient.

    “I’ve been in the industry almost 30 years and we’re struggling with some things at this point that we shouldn’t be,” DiNicola says of the need for a universal set of standards.

    Tadmor says it is fairly obvious to everyone that what PDX intends to accomplish will make the industry run more smoothly.

    “From a tech standpoint, an open standards formula like PDX – combined with leveraging an established service provider with 45,000 users – does seem like a no-brainer,” says Tadmore. “Like many organizations, we support PDX and PromoStandards because they help us reach different organizations to reduce friction.”

    How we get there has been a subject of debate within the industry, and PPAI wants the technology committee to foster these discussions, and even disagreements, about the necessity of PDX. PPAI has also leveraged its partnership with SAGE to make PDX more accessible, along with creating the ability within the SAGE app for distributors to see order statuses and inventory that suppliers supply live.

    “The exciting part about PDX is that due to PPAI’s relationship with SAGE and their commitment to PDX, there is minimal additional work for most firms to benefit from PDX,” Denham says.

    What the industry’s future holds for this particular area is not certain, but it’s clear that the conversations need to be happening in earnest, and the technology committee is a healthy place for that dialogue to occur.

    “There have been multiple stabs at seamless supplier-distributor integration, some less successful than others, but no ‘perfect’ solution,” Anderson says. “Whether PDX proves to be the right solution for all distributors and suppliers very much remains to be seen. However, I am confident that it will drive additional thought, dialogue and collaboration around the topic of data exchange that will, no doubt, benefit the industry.”

  • 14 Feb 2023 9:42 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    American Solutions for Business hosted over 660 attendees at their National Sales Conference, including over 150 exhibiting supplier partners, making this their highest attended conference to date. A select group of ASB attendees were able to begin the week early by joining a distillery tour sponsored by ASI, alphabroder, PDF Print, The Chest, and BEL Promo on Thursday, February 2nd. The majority of arrivals happened Friday, February 3rd, where professional development sessions featuring PPAI’s Anne Stone, OrderMyGear, brandivate’s Bill Petrie, and various ASB representatives, kicked off the afternoon. Attendees also enjoyed the Hatch Show Print experience sponsored by Wise and Delegate CX, as well as a merch show and Owner’s Lounge. Friday concluded with a dinner and musical entertainment at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

    “My favorite part of this event each year is seeing the American family connect in-person,” expressed Founder & CEO of American, Larry Zavadil. “Somewhere between our packed schedule and exploring the city, we always make time for an American family reunion.”

    Saturday began with coffee and pastries provided by Ennis before the official kick-off of the conference. The day included a spa experience sponsored by Mixie and HPG Brands. Professional headshots were offered as a means for members of the industry to update their portfolio and social media pages. Saturday evening’s social at Fat Bottom Brewing was sponsored by ASI, while transportation to and from the brewery were sponsored by Outdoor Caps.

    ASB’s Vendor Boot Camp, a session that outlined marketing efforts, exposure opportunities and cybersecurity best practices, was available for attending vendors. The rest of the day included the supplier and home office workshops and closing social.

    “We put so much care into the structure of our agenda so that attendees can successfully learn and network while also enjoying themselves,” explained Dana Zezzo, ASB’s VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “Our conference team gets stronger every year and is able to strategically align elements such as event locations, flow, education topics and resources to result in the best experience possible. I couldn’t be prouder!”

    As with all ASB events, there were opportunities to contribute to charitable efforts. The American Memorial Walk was hosted in honor of late ASB sales associate, Frank Quinlan, which resulted in $8,000 to St. Christopher’s Hospital. Another independent effort allowed attendees to purchase and sign floor decal records at the event, contributing $15,000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

  • 12 Feb 2023 3:52 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Last month, the Federal Trade Commission proposed a new rule that would ban employers from imposing noncompete clauses on their workers. An upcoming webinar from the Small Business Legislative Council will address the issue and the proposed rule.

    An End To Noncompetes

    In January, the FTC proposed a rule that would ban businesses from requiring their employees sign noncompete clauses and rescind existing noncompete clauses.

    • Noncompete clauses are a contractual term between an employer and a worker that blocks the worker from working for a competing employer or starting a competing business, typically within a certain geographic area and period of time after the worker’s employment ends.
    • The proposed rule would apply to independent contractors and anyone who works for an employer, whether paid or unpaid.

    The FTC cited the clauses’ impact on wages – both for both employees subject to them as well as workers who are not – and employment opportunities as the impetus for the rule.

    • The FTC says that noncomplete clauses “prevent new businesses from forming, stifling entrepreneurship, and prevent novel innovation which would otherwise occur when workers are able to broadly share their ideas.”
    • The Commission estimates that the proposed rule would increase American workers’ earnings between $250 billion and $296 billion per year.

    “The freedom to change jobs is core to economic liberty and to a competitive, thriving economy,” says FTC Chair Lina M. Khan. “Noncompetes block workers from freely switching jobs, depriving them of higher wages and better working conditions, and depriving businesses of a talent pool that they need to build and expand. By ending this practice, the FTC’s proposed rule would promote greater dynamism, innovation and healthy competition.”

    Elizabeth Wilkins, director of the FTC’s Office of Policy Planning, says, “Research shows that employers’ use of noncompetes to restrict workers’ mobility significantly suppresses workers’ wages—even for those not subject to noncompetes, or subject to noncompetes that are unenforceable under state law. The proposed rule would ensure that employers can’t exploit their outsized bargaining power to limit workers’ opportunities and stifle competition.”


    Policy Insights

    Promo industry practitioners have a few options to learn more about the noncompete clauses and the proposed rule and submit their perspectives on the issue.

    The SBLC – an independent, permanent coalition of national trade and professional associations, including PPAI, that represents small businesses in federal legislative and regulatory issues – is hosting its first webinar of 2023 on the use of employee noncompetes and other restrictive covenant agreements. The March 16 webinar will cover:

    • The FTC’s proposal to ban noncompetes
    • State and local legislation limiting the use of noncompetes
    • Options for small businesses to protect their interests and information in light of the push back against using noncompetes.

    PPAI has arranged for the webinar to be free to the Association's members, although space is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Association members can register here and should identify PPAI as the association that invited them.

    The FTC is requesting members of the public submit written comments on the proposed rule. It will also host a virtual public forum on February 16, during which the commission will hear from a series of speakers who have been subject to noncompete restrictions, as well as business owners who have experience with noncompetes. Members of the public will also have an opportunity to comment via livestream.

  • 8 Feb 2023 11:43 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Stuart James Johnson, who founded and ran CFS Promotional Products with his wife, Sharon, died on January 28 at the age of 79. 

    Johnson will be remembered as a beloved family man, a U.S. Marine and a successful entrepreneur of the promotional products industry. Referred to as a “true Renaissance man” in an obituary, he was born in Cleveland and grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.

    The son of a naval officer during World War II, Johnson himself eventually joined the Marine Corps Reserves as an infantryman. Years later, his son Michael, would follow his footsteps and become a Marine Corps F-18 fighter pilot.


    After his service, Johnson founded Corporate Fulfillment Services, Inc. in 1978 in Schaumburg, Illinois, which by 1992 became a promotional products supplier. He would eventually meet Sharon, his wife of 28 years, who he ran CFS Promotional Products with until his recent passing.

    “Together with an incredible team of long-time employees, Stuart and Sharon have created a boutique company culture of customer care; providing concierge-level service specially customized to meet the unique business needs of the industry,” reads a remembrance provided by CFS Promotional Products.

    Sharon and the dedicated team will continue the business and legacy that Stuart began.

    Johnson was a devoted father to his two children, Lisa and Michael, and a proud grandfather.

    To plant a memorial tree in memory of Stuart James Johnson or send flowers to his bereaved, visit this site.

    A celebration of his life will be planned at a future date.

  • 30 Jan 2023 10:16 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Polyconcept North America (PCNA) is excited to offer distributors six new retail brands, expanding an industry-best portfolio of 50+ retail brands and providing more ways to create memorable, on-trend gifts.

    The brands include two Certified B Corporations, businesses that balance purpose and profit by considering their impact on workers, customers, community, and the environment. Terra Thread makes backpacks for conscious consumers and corporations, manufacturing bags from certified organic cotton in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, while Nimble is the world’s first tech hardware brand with a 100% sustainable business model.

    Like Terra Thread and Nimble, the other four new brands share PCNA’s commitment to environmental and social responsibility. All are part of ProudPath™, PCNA’s platform for environmental and social responsibility.

    • Silipint makes patented, BPA-free, 100% food grade-tested and unbreakable silicone drinkware. Derived from sand, silicone manufacturing preserves less abundant natural resources.
    • Rite in the Rain is a patented, environmentally responsible, All-Weather Writing Paper that repels water in wet, rainy conditions.
    • Baronfig is a Made In USA, 100% employee-owned brand for well-crafted executive pens.
    • Noshinku makes refillable pocket hand sanitizer free of synthetic chemicals.

    The new brand partners will help distributors support two closely related trends that are reshaping the industry: corporate social responsibility and premium gifts from retail brands.

    “From a corporate social responsibility perspective, people want sustainable, ethically manufactured products that last,” says Liz Haesler, Global Chief Merchandising Officer for PCNA parent company Polyconcept. “Our diverse portfolio of ProudPath™ brand partners make it easy for distributors to create meaningful gifts that reflect their clients’ values.”

    Popular retail brands add unique value to corporate gifts, Haesler adds.

    “The familiarity creates an instant trust,” she says. “People know they are getting a high-quality product. These are gifts they would buy for themselves.”

    The new products from Nimble, Silipint, Rite in the Rain and Noshinku are in stock now. Inventory for Baronfig is expected in mid-February, Terra Thread by early March.

    Distributors can see – and order – products from all the new brands at PCNA.com.

  • 22 Jan 2023 7:55 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    PPAI has named the winners of its 2023 Pyramid Awards, with 91 awards given among 71 members companies. The annual recognition, sponsored by Pacesetter Awards, honors creative excellence in the promotional products industry and recognizes dependable suppliers, outstanding promotions, creative campaigns and exceptional craftsmanship by Association members.

    First presented in 1958, the PPAI Pyramid Award represents the pinnacle of achievement and honors the longstanding, collaborative partnerships between the PPAI family of members that differentiate strategic promotional marketing from the buying and selling of products. The PPAI Pyramid Awards continue to advance the awareness and prestige of the industry’s talented companies and individuals.

    The winners are listed alphabetically below. Read more about them in upcoming issues of PPAI Magazine, beginning with the 2023 PPAI Pyramid Awards in Client Programs in the March issue.

    A+ Wine Designs
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Etching/Engraving/Laser

    Alpi International
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Customized Non-Catalog Product

    Arid Zone
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Educational
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Social Responsibility

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Artistic Toys & Promotions
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Mascot/Character Product

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Customized Non-Catalog Product

    BEST Promotions USA 
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    BrandVia, Powered By HALO
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Employee Incentive & Recognition
    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Internal Communication

    Cliff Quicksell Associates
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Business to Business
    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Business to Business

    Gold Pyramid - Technology Programs - Web Content/Functionality

    Corporate Specialties
    Gold Pyramid - Technology Programs - Web Content/Functionality

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Print On Hard Surfaces

    Eight Legged Media
    Silver Pyramid - Technology Programs - Web Content/Functionality

    ePromos Promotional Products
    Silver Pyramid - Technology Programs - eCommerce Website

    Evans Manufacturing
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Fossa Apparel
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Supplier/Distributor Collaboration

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit
    Silver Pyramid - Technology Programs - Mobile Apps/Mobile Websites

    Gill Studios
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Special Applications/Processes

    Gold Bond
    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Self Promotion Campaigns
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit

    Hasseman Marketing & Communications
    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Content Marketing Program

    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Client Branding

    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Branding Campaigns
    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Content Marketing Program
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit   
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Self Promotion Campaigns
    Silver Pyramid - Technology Programs - Web Content/Functionality

    IICON Creative Strategies
    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Employee Incentive & Recognition

    IMAGEN Inc.
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Consumer

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit 

    Gold Pyramid - Technology Programs - eCommerce Website

    Incentives Concepts
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Content Marketing Program

    Indiana Metal Craft 
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Casting/Molding
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Metal Striking
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Print On Hard Surfaces

    Infinity Her
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Supplier Sales Support Materials

    Jornik Manufacturing
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit 

    Keepsake Products USA
    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Supplier Sales Support Materials

    KNOSS Apparel
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star - New Supplier Member

    Liqui-Mark Corp.
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Maple Ridge Farms
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit 

    Martket Branding
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Internal Communication
    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Not For Profit

    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Branding Campaigns

    Opti Print and Fulfillment
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Combination of Processes
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Large Format Printing
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Combination of Processes
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Large Format Printing

    Orbus Exhibit & Display Group
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Print On Textiles

    Perfect Imprints
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Content Marketing Program

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Etching/Engraving/Laser

    Pro Towels
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Proforma Expansion Marketing
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Self Promotion Campaigns

    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Content Marketing Program

    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Content Marketing Program

    Gold Pyramid - Technology Programs - Mobile Apps/Mobile Websites

    Raining Rose Promos
    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Digital Self Promotion Campaigns
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Refresh Glass
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Render Ad Service
    Gold Pyramid - Client Programs - Not For Profit

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Showdown Displays
    Gold Pyramid - Technology Programs - Web Content/Functionality

    SJA Promo
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Cause Advocacy Marketing

    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Star

    Solo Stove
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit - New Supplier Member

    Spector & Co.
    Silver Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Digital Self Promotion Campaigns

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Special Applications/Processes

    Summit Group
    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Educational

    Terry Town
    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Cause Advocacy Marketing
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Print On Textiles
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Embroidery

    The Dunstan Group
    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Social Responsibility

    The IceBox
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Supplier/Distributor Collaboration

    The Promo Girl
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Supplier/Distributor Collaboration

    Gold Pyramid - Marketing Programs - Self Promotion Campaigns

    Towel Specialties
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit 

    Vantage Apparel
    Gold Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Embroidery

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Casting/Molding
    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Decorating - Supplier/Distributor Collaboration

    Silver Pyramid - Client Programs - Consumer

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit 

    Silver Pyramid - Supplier Award of Merit

  • 22 Jan 2023 7:10 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    HALO recognized its 2022 Supplier of the Year and Supplier Representative of the Year in conjunction with their Sales Achievement Gala at the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.

    Industry supplier PCNA is the 2022 HALO Supplier of the Year. According to Holly Brown, chief revenue officer of PCNA, “This a tremendous honor for our team. We value the spirt of partnership with the HALO team that led to tremendous growth last year and created positive momentum as we begin 2023.”

    Tommy Lee, strategic account manager for industry supplier Logomark, was recognized as the 2022 HALO Supplier Representative of the Year. Lee has led Logomark’s support efforts for HALO for over eight years. Lee noted, “The award goes to the entire Logomark team. We worked closely with HALO to find every way to help each account executive grow their sales overall, and with Logomark.

    The awards were based on results of company-wide voting which included over 1,000 HALO account executives and support team members.

  • 22 Jan 2023 7:08 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Gemline announced that Kim Spang, a consumer products finance executive, has recently joined the Company as its chief financial officer.

    • Spang joins an experienced leadership team and will be responsible for helping Gemline continue to accelerate its growth strategy, including playing a key role in any future acquisition considerations.
    • As a two-time graduate of Bentley University (BS in Finance and MBA in Accounting), Kim began her finance career with two world-class companies – Stanley Works and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC). In 2007, she joined Welch’s Foods in Concord, MA, and was promoted on multiple occasions over her successful 13-year tenure, holding a number of key financial leadership roles.
    • After many years with Welch’s, Kim moved on to Pabst Brewing Company as Sr. Vice President of Finance, and most recently, she served as Chief Financial Officer of Westminster Pet Products.
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