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ASB’s Virtual Award Ceremony Honors Sales Associates, Home Office, Suppliers

9 Dec 2022 7:25 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

American Solutions for Business held their third annual virtual award ceremony, recognizing all winners in one evening of celebration.

  • This year, 26 award categories were featured across the board, honoring hundreds of recipients. ASB introduced three new awards: The ACES Ambassador Award for Sales Associates (Leigh Strong), and the Strategic Partner (Mel Bettua, HPG) and Top Importer (BamBams) awards for suppliers.
  • Some additional categories were Top Vendors, The Horizon Award for Vendors, American Eagle and GPO Excellence Award.
  • The Top Vendors: SanMar, Ennis, alphabroder / Prime Line, Essendant, ICS Corporation, Hit Promotional Products, KDM Products, S & S Activewear LLC, Dubow Textile Inc., Navitor, PCNA, Automotive Service Products, Abbott Label Inc., Lippmann Printing, Sterling Business Forms, Wise, Diversified Labeling Solutions, Wardkraft, Spectra Print Corporation, American Print and Digital, Gemline, Highland Computer Forms Inc., Sweda, Central States Business Forms, 4over Inc., Cap America, Royal Business Forms, ID Images Inc., Love Envelopes, Showdown Displays, Koozie Group
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