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HPPA Industry News

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  • 26 Mar 2023 7:35 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Next Level Apparel has partnered with Grupo M, a leading textile manufacturer based in the Dominican Republic, to provide nearshore production while supporting NLA’s move to 100% U.S. cotton for its entire apparel line.

    The Partnership

    NLA, which specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying premium blank apparel – announced that this strategic partnership “will bring production closer to home for improved speed-to-market, decreased geopolitical risk and increased supply chain transparency, including upstream traceability of the cotton it uses.”

    NLA and Grupo M are aligned on key priorities: providing global partners and customers with apparel that prioritizes ethical and sustainable production.

    “With our premium products, our customers not only look good, but they also can feel good about how those products are sourced,” says NLA CEO Randy Hales. “As part of our ethos, we seek like-minded suppliers who prioritize sustainability and uphold equally high standards. This exciting partnership with Grupo M is another step forward in our longstanding commitment to supply chain visibility and accountability.”

    Ongoing Commitment

    NLA has been committed to quality and socially conscious operations since its founding in 2003.

    • NLA recently announced a partnership with Oritain to provide origin verification for its worldwide cotton program through cutting-edge science. NLA is an approved member of the Fair Labor Association, committed to upholding its Principles of Fair Labor and Responsible Sourcing throughout its global supply chain.
    • The company has also partnered with Better Work – a comprehensive program bringing together all levels of the garment industry to improve working conditions – on a factory, national and international level, and has received Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production certification for its factories.

    “We are thrilled to collaborate with NLA to offer nearshore production while furthering our shared visions of innovation and transparency,” says Grupo M President Fernando Capellán. “We appreciate Next Level Apparel’s passion, enthusiasm and diligence in bringing the highest quality products to its customers while being equally committed to ethical and responsible sourcing.”
  • 21 Mar 2023 12:33 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Building upon the success of its very popular snack boxes, Maple Ridge Farms announced the release of eight new snack boxes this week.  Maple Ridge Farms, Mosinee, WI, now offers eleven unique snack boxes with prices ranging from $20 (c) to $50 (c). These exciting new options can be viewed at MapleRidge.com/Snack-Boxes.

    Each snack box contains a wide variety of popular snacks including Chex Mix®, Kind® bars, and Famous Amos® cookies. We include themes like Breakfast Box, Energy Booster, and Let’s Play!  A full color custom label is placed on each box to boost your next promotion.

    Opportunities for these snack boxes are endless:

    • Employee Meetings
    • Work-at-Home Employee Engagement
    • Virtual Event Breakfast Meetings
    • Referral Gifts
    • Onboarding New Employees
    • Room Drops
    • Conventions
    • Golf Outings
    • Student Appreciation
    • Client Thank-you's

    Tom Riordan, President of Maple Ridge Farms, explained, “Adding the original set of snack boxes to our lineup has been so successful that it was only natural to build upon it.”

    Located in Mosinee, WI, Maple Ridge Farms, Inc., (ASI 68680, PPAI 114165, UPIC: MAPLE, SAGE 57654), founded in 1979, is the leading supplier of food gifts to the promotional products industry. Recognized for outstanding freshness, the line includes a complete variety of candies, premium chocolates, fresh-roasted nuts, made-from-scratch baked goods, naturally aged cheeses, and smoked meats presented in innovative packaging.

  • 19 Mar 2023 6:32 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Patagonia is back.

    Almost two years after announcing it would no longer authorize the addition of brand logos on its products, the popular outdoor apparel retailer has shifted course. Beginning this spring it will allow limited brand embroidery off of the front of its garments, such as on the arm or beneath the neck.

    Riverside, Rhode Island-headquartered Driving Impressions is the supplier of Patagonia products to corporate markets and the promotional products industry. It first announced the retailer’s shifting course in an email to distributor clients on Thursday.

    “The reason [Patagonia] made this decision is that they have developed new solutions to either remove, repair, or repurpose embroidered Patagonia products, to better extend their usable lifespan, and to keep them out of the landfill. This program will be offered on a limited basis,” the email stated.

    A Complicated Relationship

    Famously vocal about its planet-first mission, Patagonia has long had an uneasiness doing business in the promotional products marketplace.

    • In 2018, it briefly took the stance of only allowing B-Corporations to co-brand its products. That quickly changed, and Patagonia instructed brands to only decorate the sleeve or back of the garment. 
    • By 2019, Patagonia’s corporate sales catalog noted, “For each order, we require disclosure as to the type of company whose name will appear on the Patagonia product and how the product will be used.”
    • In April 2021, the company stated “Patagonia respects the power of all company logos. Every organization, business and group we work with is doing its own part to improve our planet’s future, and those efforts endow each logo with a very worthy set of values. We’ve also found that adding a logo to any Patagonia product significantly shortens its lifespan – specifically, by limiting its use to business hours or a person’s tenure at a single company or organization.”
    • Removal decoration options, such as logoed zipper pulls, woven hem tags and patches, were offered by Driving Impressions and will remain as options.
    • The new requirements move Patagonia closer to its stance before the spring of 2021. Projects will continue to be accepted on a per-order basis, with Patagonia reserving the right to approve.
    • The supplier suggests submitting the end-buyer and its website for pre-approval before pitching the Patagonia brand to any customer.

    Not Gone Completely

    After Patagonia banned on-garment logos, Driving Impressions continued to provide blank apparel to distributors providing that Patagonia approved the client and project.

    What Next?

    Driving Impressions’ email to clients says that “In the coming months, Patagonia will begin to accept qualified styles into their Worn Wear program that have logos added to them. Customers will be issued store credit. Items with logos will need to be altered, so the price uou will be offered is different from standard pricing. The anticipated launch for this program is Spring 2023.”

    Industry Reaction

    Because of Patagonia’s quality products and sustainability story, it remains popular with many end-buyers.

    “Clients want it because their brand message is something that companies want to associate with,” says Scott Boyages, CAS, a Geiger distributor in Massachusetts. “I think a lot of Patagonia product will be sold through our industry moving forward. I don’t think the imprint location will make too much of a difference.”

    In the two years since Patagonia pulled back from the promo industry, distributors have no doubt found other options for well-made outdoor apparel.

    Boyages says, “It’s not my favorite brand to sell, that’s for sure. Too many hoops to jump through.”

  • 16 Mar 2023 10:39 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    SanMar has announced the addition of a new distribution center in Ashland, Virginia, approximately 16 miles north of Richmond. The facility is SanMar's ninth distribution center in the United States and marks a major initial investment in the Greater Richmond area.

    • The new Ashland facility comprises 1.1 million square feet of capacity. The company hired its first employees in Ashland in February.
    • This new location will be SanMar's largest distribution center and serve as the flagship facility for the company's East Coast distributions. The company has committed a minimum investment of $50 million to bolster its deep inventory and shipping capabilities and its longstanding commitment to meeting the needs of customers nationwide with reliable service.
    • “We are really excited about the Virginia distribution center," says Jeremy Lott, CEO of SanMar. "It will be our largest building and employ over 1,000 people when fully built out. We are investing significantly in advanced material handling systems but won't be fully functional until later next year. Our 50-plus-year commitment to deep inventories continues with the growth of the business and this building.”
  • 15 Mar 2023 11:13 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Over 1,100 distributor partners and preferred suppliers attended the Facilisgroup 2023 Supplier Showcase held Dallas last week.

    • The event centered around a two-day tradeshow exclusively showcasing the 60+ suppliers that comprise the Facilisgroup Preferred Supplier network.
    • Additionally, members of the Facilisgroup community were celebrated as part of the 14th Annual TASA Awards, recognizing top performing distributors, suppliers and sales reps.
    Winners include:
    • Partner of the Year: Brandito
    • Supplier of the Year: Gemline
    • The Facilis Cares Award: (Distributor – McCabe Promotional) (Supplier – PCNA)
    • Finance Person of the Year: Christine Cardinal with Gorilla Marketing
    • CSR of the Year: Malinda McKinnon with HF Custom Solutions
    • The Randy Shippam Award: Kevin Mullaney with Brandito
    • The Inspire Award: Amy McCray with Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Product Group
  • 15 Mar 2023 11:06 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Zing Manufacturing has relocated its operations to a newly created state-of-the-art facility in Phoenix.

    Zing, which offers laser engraving for promo products such as beverage insulators, key tags, electronics, knives, sporting goods and many others, reached an agreement with S’well in 2021 to become the exclusive provider of the brand’s premium, vacuum-insulated, reusable products. In the last few months, it has also announced the additions of new brands such as Built and Anker.

    As the supplier has grown in size and offerings, a bigger facility has become a necessity.

    The New Facility

    Zing plans to move into their new Phoenix facility March 17-20.

    • The supplier is relocating from a facility in Tempe, Arizona.
    As part of the facility upgrade, Zing plans to continue its focus in areas such as:
    • Robotics and automation.
    • Warehousing, kitting and fulfillment programs.
    The secure warehouse will include a containment area that provides storage for high-end products. The shipping and receiving area includes 15 bays for large, high-volume production orders.
    • Zing will be hosting virtual tours in their new facility in late March. (Sign-up information will be sent out by the company).
    • Production will be closed Friday, March 17 and will reopen on Tuesday, March 21.
    • During the move, rush services will not be available.
    • Sales and customer service will be available (sales@zingmfg.com) during the move if any questions arise.
    • PromoStandards-integrated customers could see downtime on the night of March 17, while Zing’s servers move to the new location, but this downtime is expected to be minimal.

    Will This Affect Orders In The Short Term?

    No orders will be impacted by the move, as Zing’s order system scheduled orders around the move.

    The move will have the following minor implications:

    As part of the facility upgrade, Zing plans to continue its focus in areas such as:

    The secure warehouse will include a containment area that provides storage for high-end products. The shipping and receiving area includes 15 bays for large, high-volume production orders.

    “We’ll miss our friends and community in Tempe,” says Rob Watson, vice president of Zing. “We’ve enjoyed their support for nearly seven years. But, with growth comes change. And now, we get to build new amaZING partnerships in our expanded facility and become your top source for drinkware, tech products and gift sets.”

    Watson also spoke on the size upgrade and potential for the new facility compared to their former operations location.

    “The new Zing HQ is three times our current production square footage and with its massively high ceilings, affords us over 25% vertical expansion to warehouse more inventory for high-volume opportunities as well as quick ship and on-demand fulfillment programs for our distributor partners,” says Watson.

  • 13 Mar 2023 11:07 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Sarah Goshgarian Unruh, CAS, has joined Sock101 as chief rainmaker (aka CRO). A former educator that joined the promotional product industry in 2008 as a distributor, Unruh has served the industry most recently as the vice president of business development at OrderMyGear.

    Before her role with OMG, she was the vice president of sales at Logomark. She currently serves on the Promotional Product Association Southwest (PPAS) Board and is an active member of CHIEF.

    "I am ecstatic to join the Sock101 Team at such a pivotal time," Unruh said. "Sock101 is an award-winning supplier that continues to impress the industry. I am committed to focusing on growth while maintaining a customer-centric approach. Together with Kelly and our dynamic team, I'm excited and honored to lead the team to the next level of near-term growth and long-term success."

    Unruh will spearhead scaling and driving growth by reshaping the go-to-market strategy, and developing a future workforce to capture both organic and net new business expansion on a national level. She will commercialize the business and accelerate growth by driving integration with marketing and evolving the core competencies of the existing sales force.

    "We are very excited to have Sarah joining the Sock101 team," said Sock101 owner Kelly Yarborough. "She is very knowledgeable, and will help to bring our company to new heights and reach company goals."

  • 10 Mar 2023 9:40 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    SAGE, the leading provider of information, marketing, and business management solutions to the promotional products industry, announces the addition of a new web-based supplier center portal.

    The new SAGE Supplier Center web-based platform has all the same functionality as the current Windows-based Supplier Center with a few exciting additions. Through an easy-to-use interface and access to more statistics than ever before, this new portal makes it easier for supplier Advantage Members, including Mac users, to access and update their product data from any device that connects to the internet.

    “Our goal as a technology company has always been to provide solutions. To achieve that, two key factors for distributors and suppliers are ease of use and access to information,” said David Natinsky, President of SAGE. “With this new web-based platform, suppliers can update their product data from anywhere, which helps not only our supplier members but the industry as a whole, making real-time data even more accessible.”

    Additionally, suppliers can view live product and advertising-related statistics right from their dashboard, from distributor and end-buyer product views, and profile views, to progress tracking of their monthly advertising budgets. Additionally, in the Performance & Stats area, suppliers can see a detailed breakdown of their product stats, including their most popular products, product engagement, their product category rankings, and profile engagement stats such as website and email clicks through SAGE Total Access. For suppliers participating in digital advertisements, the My Advertisements tab in the Performance & Stats area provides a detailed analysis of each ad’s performance.

    Suppliers can also now perform distributor searches through the new Supplier Center portal, providing a quick and easy way for suppliers to verify contact information all in one place.

    Another exciting new feature of the Supplier Center portal is the addition of the SAGE Community. SAGE Community has long been available to distributors to network with their industry peers, and it is now open to everyone in the industry. SAGE Community allows suppliers to share industry news, best practices, and connect and engage with other supplier members on hot industry topics.

    The SAGE Supplier Center web portal is available now to all supplier Advantage Members at no additional cost. Simply visit www.sagesuppliercenter.com to log in.

    To learn more about a SAGE Advantage Membership, visit www.sageworld.com.

  • 9 Mar 2023 12:02 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Goodwin will play a pivotal role in identifying growth opportunities for OrderMyGear and guiding company strategy through market research and strategic planning.

    • Since joining OMG in 2019, Goodwin has positioned herself as a trusted strategy and product marketing leader within the company. She is currently leading the integration of OMG and BrightStores following the recent acquisition, bringing together two market leading technology platforms in the sporting goods and promotional products space.
    • “Mykayla has played an enormous role since she started with us in Product Marketing,” said Leonid Rozkin, CEO of OMG. “Her understanding of the industry, our clients, and our solutions is second to none. She was instrumental in helping us identify BrightStores as the ideal acquisition to create the clear leader in online stores. Today she turns her attention to ensuring the success of the integration and will work closely with clients to help us identify ways to continue fueling their growth and make technology easier along the way.”
  • 9 Mar 2023 12:01 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

    Proforma Color Press has acquired Commander Printed Products, bringing expanded supplier services, local onsite decoration services, greater storage and fulfillment services and a robust e-commerce platform for online company stores.

    • Proforma Color Press is part of the Proforma network of over 500 locations and over $600 million in yearly sales.
    • Commander Printed Products has been in business over 47 years as a long-standing supplier to the local market.
    • “The acquisition of Commander Printed Products is very exciting,” says David Schmaeling, president of Proforma Color Press. “The acquisition offers us a customer base that primarily buys printing the opportunity to offer logo wear, promotional items, local decoration services, storage and fulfillment programs all assisted by Proforma’s e-commerce platform, Prostores.”
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