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HPPA Hot Stuff Show | Supplier Registration

  • 14 Sep 2023
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Wyndham Houston Near NRG Park • 8686 Kirby Dr. • Houston, TX 77054


  • Each registration includes (1) 6' NON-skirted table or (1) 6' space for a supplier provided rolling rack. (You can select your preference in the registration link)

Registration is closed



First 6' Table OR 6' Space -- $400

Each Additional 6' table or space -- $300


Registration Sponsorship -- $500 (1 Available)

Your logo and booth number will be displayed at the Registration Table

Volunteer T-Shirt -- $100 per spot (20 Available)

Your logo will be displayed on the back of our volunteer t-shirts for all to see as the volunteers show off your brand all day

Water/Sanitizer Stations -- $200 per station (4 Available)

Have your logo and booth number displayed at our water/sanitizer stations.

Hot Products -- $35 per product

Show off your new products by having them featured in our Hot Products Pavilion located along the main walkway into the tradeshow

Hot Product Pavilion Sponsor -- $500 (1 Available)

Sponsor the Hot Product Pavilion area. This will entail your logo being displayed on a large sign in the PAvillion and on the volunteer t-shirts.

Passport -- $100 per spot (20 available)

Each attendee at Hot Stuff Expo will be given a card with the passport sponsor logos on it. They will stop by your booth and ask a question to get a sticker for their passport. Attendees who complete their passport will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

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