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HALO Achieves EcoVadis Silver Rating

16 May 2023 1:52 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

HALO has earned an EcoVadis Silver Rating, signifying its dedication to sustainability, ethical practices and corporate social responsibility, and placing the distributor among the top-performing organizations in the industry.

  • EcoVadis, a globally recognized provider of sustainability ratings, evaluates companies based on their environmental, social and governance performance.
  • Attaining the EcoVadis Silver Rating required HALO to undergo a rigorous evaluation of its sustainability initiatives, policies and practices, and covered a broad range of criteria, including environmental impact, labor practices, human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.
  • The benefits and implications for HALO and its stakeholders include demonstrated sustainability leadership, enhanced reputation and market advantage, supply chain excellence and continuous improvement.

HALO CEO Marc Simon says, “This recognition validates our efforts to operate in an environmentally conscious and socially responsible manner. We extend our gratitude to our dedicated team members and partners whose collaborative efforts have made this achievement possible.”

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