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Hanes Launches Breakthrough Technology With Perfect Pre-treat Tee

18 Apr 2023 1:05 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Hanes Branded Printwear announced the launch of its breakthrough PrintNOW technology, a game-changing advancement in direct-to-garment (DTG) printing that makes the new Hanes Perfect Pre-treat Tee ready to print right out of the box.

PrintNOW technology cuts DTG production time by approximately 40%, eliminating the need for printers to apply pre-treat. It has several benefits for printers, including:

  • It eliminates human error – treatment is already evenly applied across the entire surface of the garment.
  • The tee comes ready to print anywhere on the garment – front, back, neck, sleeves.
  • It reduces overhead costs associated with pre-treating.
  • It trims three minutes per shirt from the traditional DTG process.
  • The savings and efficiencies allow printers to scale their output volume and grow their business.

The Hanes Perfect Pre-treat Tee (Style # 498PT) is available in sizes S-3X in black, white, navy, and smoke gray. For more information, contact HanesBrands Printwear at 800-685-7557 or hbi_service@hanes.com.

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