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Next Level Apparel Transitions to Recycled Polyester Fabric

18 Apr 2023 1:03 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Next Level Apparel is transitioning its entire product line of polyester blended fabrics to recycled polyester. The Los Angeles-based supplier takes another step in advancing its commitment to ethical and responsible sourcing and reducing its environmental impact.

The transition was effective March 1, 2023, and will impact all incoming fabrics. Responsible sourcing and sustainability has been at the forefront of the supplier’s decision-making for some time now.

  • Earlier this year, NLA transitioned all incoming fabric to 100% U.S. grown cotton, as well as initiated partnerships with Oritain to provide origin verification for its worldwide cotton program, and with GK Global and Grupo M as it seeks to strengthen nearshore production accessibility.
  • In 2019, NLA launched its Sustainable Collection, made of an eco-friendly fabric made with 70% recycled material. Through that initiative alone, the company has repurposed more than 5 million recycled plastic water bottles through the products in that collection.
  • “Eliminating waste and reducing our impact on the environment is one way we continue to help support and improve the communities where we live and work,” says NLA CEO Randy Hales. “Our transition to recycled polyester marks a big step in our ongoing sustainability efforts – and we’re proud our company ethos is reflected in the products we produce.”
  • NLA Director of Corporate Social Responsibility Carly Gerstman says, “We recognize the responsibility that we have as a brand to find ways to mitigate our impact on the environment wherever possible. Though there is no simple solution, this is yet another opportunity for NLA to continue to set a high standard by implementing more sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.”
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