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SnugZ Announces Financial Leadership Change

14 Apr 2023 10:56 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Utah-based supplier SnugZ USA (PPAI 112982, S11) has announced a key leadership change to its financial team. Shelly Allred has joined the company as its new chief financial officer. 

Allred joins the SnugZ team without any experience in the promotional products industry. 

  • She previously worked in the auto and insurance markets.
  • Allred came to SnugZ from Asbury Automotive Group where she worked for just under 10 years, most recently as VP of financial systems. 

The supplier's previous CFO, RaNell Lefler, will remain with SnugZ.

  • Lefler will transition to the role of chief processing officer.
  • Lefler had previously held the CFO role for seven years. 

SnugZ recent growth led to the acquisition of Sweda in January of 2022. 

  • SnugZ would later admit that the integration process led to a few speed bumps. 
  • This led to an increased number of complaints from distributor customers, including some online chatter about inconsistent service, in the following months. 
  • SnugZ President and CEO Brandon Mackay acknowledged the transition period led to a "tough" 2022. 

Recently, SnugZ announced a number of moves that the company promised would lead to reduced lead times. These included: 

  • Upgraded phone systems.
  • New customer service representatives.
  • Completely integrated systems and websites.

The hiring of Allred proves SnugZ was apparently not finished with significant moves and announcements. 

"We couldn't be more excited to have Shelly join our team, and she fits in our culture perfectly," Mackay says. "She brings a wealth of knowledge, and we're excited to have her talents as we continue to experience growth." 

Allred looks forward to being a part of the industry and the SnugZ team. 

"I am really excited to be joining the team here at SnugZ," Allred says. "I can already tell how amazing the people and teams are and am thrilled to learn all about this new industry. I feel like the culture and values are a great fit, and I can't wait to dive into the numbers."

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