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alphabroder, the Leading Supplier of Wholesale Apparel and Promotional Products, Delivers the Industry’s Most Comprehensive ‘One-Stop Solution’

3 Apr 2023 12:18 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

alphabroder, the leading supplier of wholesale apparel and promotional products, is launching its enhanced, One-Stop-Solution via alphabroder.com. The upgraded alphabroder.com will combine alphabroder and Prime Line®’s full assortment and have the most extensive assortment of apparel and promotional products in the industry.

alphabroder's goal in creating its enhanced One-Stop Solution is to give its customers one place for all their blank and decorated apparel and promotional product needs.

“alphabroder is committed to evolving to better serve our customers and partners,” said Dan Pantano, President and CEO of alphabroder. “The enhanced alphabroder.com will streamline the ordering process in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

The updated alphabroder.com will allow customers to decorate any promotional product through alphabroder’s online decoration configurator. The industry leading configurator takes what can be a cumbersome off-line process and creates a turnkey, digital experience.

alphabroder vetted their One-Stop Solution through independent research, focus groups and customer feedback. The result is a more robust alphabroder.com that provides customers with:

  • Full apparel and hard goods assortments
  • Industry leading end-to-end online Decoration Configurator
  • Order status tracker through entire production process
  • All apparel and hard goods order history

For more information about alphabroder and to explore its wide variety of promotional products, visit www.alphabroder.com.

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