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Facilisgroup Community Experiences Largest Event To Date In Dallas

15 Mar 2023 11:13 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Over 1,100 distributor partners and preferred suppliers attended the Facilisgroup 2023 Supplier Showcase held Dallas last week.

  • The event centered around a two-day tradeshow exclusively showcasing the 60+ suppliers that comprise the Facilisgroup Preferred Supplier network.
  • Additionally, members of the Facilisgroup community were celebrated as part of the 14th Annual TASA Awards, recognizing top performing distributors, suppliers and sales reps.
Winners include:
  • Partner of the Year: Brandito
  • Supplier of the Year: Gemline
  • The Facilis Cares Award: (Distributor – McCabe Promotional) (Supplier – PCNA)
  • Finance Person of the Year: Christine Cardinal with Gorilla Marketing
  • CSR of the Year: Malinda McKinnon with HF Custom Solutions
  • The Randy Shippam Award: Kevin Mullaney with Brandito
  • The Inspire Award: Amy McCray with Eskimo Joe’s Promotional Product Group
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