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Sock101 Hires Sarah Goshgarian Unruh

13 Mar 2023 11:07 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Sarah Goshgarian Unruh, CAS, has joined Sock101 as chief rainmaker (aka CRO). A former educator that joined the promotional product industry in 2008 as a distributor, Unruh has served the industry most recently as the vice president of business development at OrderMyGear.

Before her role with OMG, she was the vice president of sales at Logomark. She currently serves on the Promotional Product Association Southwest (PPAS) Board and is an active member of CHIEF.

"I am ecstatic to join the Sock101 Team at such a pivotal time," Unruh said. "Sock101 is an award-winning supplier that continues to impress the industry. I am committed to focusing on growth while maintaining a customer-centric approach. Together with Kelly and our dynamic team, I'm excited and honored to lead the team to the next level of near-term growth and long-term success."

Unruh will spearhead scaling and driving growth by reshaping the go-to-market strategy, and developing a future workforce to capture both organic and net new business expansion on a national level. She will commercialize the business and accelerate growth by driving integration with marketing and evolving the core competencies of the existing sales force.

"We are very excited to have Sarah joining the Sock101 team," said Sock101 owner Kelly Yarborough. "She is very knowledgeable, and will help to bring our company to new heights and reach company goals."

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