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Proforma Color Press Acquires Commander Printed Products

9 Mar 2023 12:01 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Proforma Color Press has acquired Commander Printed Products, bringing expanded supplier services, local onsite decoration services, greater storage and fulfillment services and a robust e-commerce platform for online company stores.

  • Proforma Color Press is part of the Proforma network of over 500 locations and over $600 million in yearly sales.
  • Commander Printed Products has been in business over 47 years as a long-standing supplier to the local market.
  • “The acquisition of Commander Printed Products is very exciting,” says David Schmaeling, president of Proforma Color Press. “The acquisition offers us a customer base that primarily buys printing the opportunity to offer logo wear, promotional items, local decoration services, storage and fulfillment programs all assisted by Proforma’s e-commerce platform, Prostores.”
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