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American Solutions for Business Hosts National Sales Conference in Nashville, TN

14 Feb 2023 9:42 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

American Solutions for Business hosted over 660 attendees at their National Sales Conference, including over 150 exhibiting supplier partners, making this their highest attended conference to date. A select group of ASB attendees were able to begin the week early by joining a distillery tour sponsored by ASI, alphabroder, PDF Print, The Chest, and BEL Promo on Thursday, February 2nd. The majority of arrivals happened Friday, February 3rd, where professional development sessions featuring PPAI’s Anne Stone, OrderMyGear, brandivate’s Bill Petrie, and various ASB representatives, kicked off the afternoon. Attendees also enjoyed the Hatch Show Print experience sponsored by Wise and Delegate CX, as well as a merch show and Owner’s Lounge. Friday concluded with a dinner and musical entertainment at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

“My favorite part of this event each year is seeing the American family connect in-person,” expressed Founder & CEO of American, Larry Zavadil. “Somewhere between our packed schedule and exploring the city, we always make time for an American family reunion.”

Saturday began with coffee and pastries provided by Ennis before the official kick-off of the conference. The day included a spa experience sponsored by Mixie and HPG Brands. Professional headshots were offered as a means for members of the industry to update their portfolio and social media pages. Saturday evening’s social at Fat Bottom Brewing was sponsored by ASI, while transportation to and from the brewery were sponsored by Outdoor Caps.

ASB’s Vendor Boot Camp, a session that outlined marketing efforts, exposure opportunities and cybersecurity best practices, was available for attending vendors. The rest of the day included the supplier and home office workshops and closing social.

“We put so much care into the structure of our agenda so that attendees can successfully learn and network while also enjoying themselves,” explained Dana Zezzo, ASB’s VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “Our conference team gets stronger every year and is able to strategically align elements such as event locations, flow, education topics and resources to result in the best experience possible. I couldn’t be prouder!”

As with all ASB events, there were opportunities to contribute to charitable efforts. The American Memorial Walk was hosted in honor of late ASB sales associate, Frank Quinlan, which resulted in $8,000 to St. Christopher’s Hospital. Another independent effort allowed attendees to purchase and sign floor decal records at the event, contributing $15,000 to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

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