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Arch Promo Group Acquires Umbrella Supplier Stromberg Brand

22 Jul 2022 8:48 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Supplier Arch Promo Group, LLC, headquartered in Roxana, Illinois, has announced the acquisition of Hudson Valley Umbrella Company, which does business in the promotional products marketplace as Stromberg Brand.

  • Stromberg Brand was founded in 1942 and specializes in umbrellas made by hand. Its production facility is located in Valley Cottage, New York.
  • Helen Stromberg, the former owner of Stromberg Brand, will continue to lead the umbrella supplier as general manager.
  • The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The acquisition is the most recent example of Arch Promo Group’s growing family of suppliers in the promotional products industry. Earlier this year, the company purchased print product specialist Drum-Line.

In recent years, Arch Promo Group has grown by bringing in Gemini IndustriesTK Cups-Sorg’sProRose and F&H Ribbon.

  • “For 80 years, Stromberg Brand umbrellas has been known for producing the highest quality, helping to build their customers’ brands throughout North America and beyond,” says Arch Promo Group’s National General Manager Steve Ehlert. “Stromberg Brand umbrellas will continue to print and supply its products out of New York, and we will invest in making our combined company stronger and offering a broader product line.”

  • “I am very pleased to partner with Arch Promo Group,” Stromberg says. “Arch shares our commitment to delivering outstanding products at a great price. Our customers will benefit from a larger partner with a wider product range, and our employees will continue to enjoy working for a growing leader in the industry.”
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