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SAGE® Announces Promo Live!

18 Jul 2022 8:33 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

SAGE, the promotional products industry's leading business services provider, announced registration is now open for all verified promotional product distributors to attend Promo Live, a brand-new interactive online event from August 30-31st , 2022.

Promo Live will be held on the SAGE Digital Events platform, an exclusive digital experience for users to interact one-on-one with other distributors, suppliers, and presenters.

During this new event, attendees will hear from supplier partners on the main stage as they share new products, creative ways to sell their products, and highlight their best sellers for the upcoming holiday season. Plus, attendees will learn about the latest in product trends and much more during the roundtable sessions with distributors and suppliers.

Promo Live includes an interactive main stage with learning sessions, consultations with SAGE experts, on-demand sessions, product pavilions, and supplier rooms with live demonstrations and Q&A with top industry suppliers.

During the live discussions, distributors can contribute and interact with the presenters and fellow attendees to brainstorm ideas, ask questions, and more. Distributors will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with suppliers via chat or video conferencing throughout the event.

"We are thrilled for this new opportunity to help distributors learn, collaborate and connect at our new digital event, Promo Live," said David Natinsky, MAS, President of SAGE. "We look 2 forward to offering this experience for distributors with exclusive content from our experts here at SAGE and top industry leaders nationwide."

Registration is free for all verified promotional product distributors. For more information on SAGE, please visit https://www.sageworld.com/promolive/

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