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15 Jun 2022 6:09 AM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Logomark – the industry‐leading promotional product supplier’s second sponsored service dog has been entered into the Shelter to Soldier® training program. The recently rescued dog is a 2‐year‐old male Labrador and Shepherd mix and has been named “Lucky” through Logomark’s online Dog Naming Contest. From the hundreds of entries submitted, AnyPromo’s Danielle Castro was the grand prize winner and American Solutions for Business’ Barbra Apple was the runner‐up prize winner as the second entrant to submit the name “Lucky”.

The grand prize winner Danielle Castro won a Perka® Roak 24 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle and an iCool® Aspen 24‐Can Cooler Bag. The second‐place winner Barbra Apple won a Perka® Roak 24 oz. Double Wall Stainless Steel Bottle.

“I would like to thank both Danielle and Barbra in helping name our second sponsored service dog! We’re looking forward to following Lucky’s progress through the Shelter to Soldier® program and I’m especially grateful to be able to help such an amazing organization”. says Trevor Gnesin, CEO, Logomark.

Lucky will now enter the intensive training phase of the Shelter to Soldier program and is expected to graduate next year. Once he graduates, Lucky will be matched with a veteran in need and they will finish the program together with handler training.

The Perka®, iCool® and Work® brands are all official sponsors of Shelter to Soldier® and a portion of all proceeds are donated to the organization. Logomark continues to employ veterans at all levels of the organization, from production to the executive team. To learn more about this and other Logomark Cares give back programs, please visit logomark.com/cares.

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