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AAkron Announces Acquisition Of The Allen Company

28 Mar 2022 1:57 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

AAkron (PPAI 111082, S10) announced Monday that it has acquired The Allen Company (PPAI 113879, S5) in a move that brings the AllenColorcraft drinkware, hydration and beverageware products to AAkron.

The Acquisition: 
The move will go into effect immediately, and the Akron, New York-based supplier will begin the process of offering AllenColorcraft products.

  • Allen Colorcraft will put a short pause on accepting orders on Tuesday, March 29 and will ship all open orders the following week.
  • AllenColorcraft products will then become available to order through AAkron as early as April 4 and will resume shipping from AAkron’s facilities April 11.

More Context:
The Allen Company, specializing mainly in drinkware and related products, was founded in 1959. The AllenColorcraft drinkware line joins the wide-ranging products already offered by AAkron, from magnets and cups to yo-yos and fly swatters.  

  • AAkron says that it now will be “able to offer the industry’s largest selection of Retail Drinkware brands.”
  • The two companies combine for 120 years in operation.

What They’re Saying:
“Anytime an organization can add talent to its team, then it’s a good move,” AAkron Line CEO and co-owner Devin Piscitelli says. “AAkron is also able to add trending products for gift-giving, personalization and recognition programs.”

The company also says, “AAkron will be expanding upon its already extensive line of made-in-theUSA products, which is already the largest in the industry. Great timing with the global supply chain being in the trouble that it’s currently in.”
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