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OrderMyGear Joins The Partnering Group As A Business Service Sponsor

8 Mar 2022 12:25 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

The Partnering Group, LLC, an industry distributor organization, has announced that Dallas-based OrderMyGear (PPAI 704581) has come onboard as a new business service sponsor for the group.

“We receive numerous inquiries for information on new technologies and services business leaders can implement to improve efficiencies and value,” says Jenny Taylor, executive director of TPG. “By partnering with companies like OrderMyGear, it makes the accessibility of information at our fingertips to help our members make informed decisions.”

OMG is an online store platform that allows distributors to create sleek, retail‐like online stores for every customer, no matter what type of store they need—company stores, pop‐up stores, team stores and fundraising stores.

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