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Polyconcept Furthers Expansion Into Print-On-Demand Industry With Spoke Custom Products Acquisition

1 Mar 2022 12:38 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Polyconcept, parent company of New Kensington, Pennsylvania-headquartered supplier Polyconcept North America, has completed the acquisition of Norcross, Georgia, print-on-demand provider Spoke Custom Products. Spoke Custom Products, which has an additional fulfillment facility in Mesa, Arizona, counts many of the largest global marketplaces, retailers and e-commerce platforms among its customers.

This is Polyconcept’s second acquisition in the print-on-demand space in less than a year. In March 2021, it acquired UK-based T Shirt & Sons Ltd., which serves the European print-on-demand market.

"With the acquisition of Spoke, we have a great opportunity to leverage our core strengths in product development, sourcing, supply chain and decoration across the fast-growing print-on-demand market,” says Neil Ringel, Polyconcept CEO. “Our recent acquisitions in this industry have provided the technology and operational capabilities to serve customers in the estimated $8 billion print-on-demand channel.”

Jose Bernal, leader of Polyconcept's new print-on-demand division, says, “Spoke Custom Products was an early entrant in the North American print on-demand market and has built a reputation for offering the industry's highest print quality and service reliability. Polyconcept will greatly benefit from Spoke Custom Products' market leadership while continuing investment to grow the company's capabilities and market presence.

"Leveraging Spoke Custom Products' capabilities for fulfilling customized products at order sizes as small as one unit will provide customers with the ability to design and sell products personalized to their exact specifications. In addition, Spoke Custom Products will leverage Polyconcept's global product development and sourcing capabilities to create one of the industry's largest print-on-demand catalogs."

Spoke Custom Products will continue operating from its Norcross headquarters and Mesa fulfillment facility, and CEO John Rogowski will continue leading the company with support from the existing management team.

Rogowski says, “We couldn't be happier to join the Polyconcept family and believe we can leverage the strengths of both companies to better serve our customers. Polyconcept is the perfect partner to enable Spoke Custom Products to accelerate growth of our business.”

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