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alphabroder | Prime Line® launches Under Armour & Columbia Drinkware

5 Feb 2022 2:41 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

Prime Line®, the hard goods division of alphabroder, the leading supplier of branded apparel and accessories in North America, is pleased to announce the addition of two new retail brands to its already wide assortment of drinkware products: Under Armour Drinkware and Columbia Drinkware. This new offering, which is already live and in-stock at www.primeline.com, includes eight unique pieces.

“These unique, Prime Line exclusive pieces, give us over 200 drinkware items.” Said Andrea Routzahn, Chief Merchant. Routzahn went on to say, “we know these retail brand names will serve to enhance any customer’s pitching process. Additionally, they pair well with our existing apparel line on the alphabroder side of our business.”

Eric Levin, Executive Vice President, Decoration Operations, said: “Our Columbia drinkware has been so well received we have added new products and expanded our reach with the additional FOB point at our West Coast facility in Fresno, California. Offering East Coast (in Harrisburg) and West Coast options along with 4-color process imprinting (Vibtatec) makes the line a great option for those looking for quality branded drinkware.”

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