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The Magnet Group Names Its Fran Ford Award Winner For 2021

5 Feb 2022 2:34 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

On Monday The Magnet Group announced Linda Vollmer as the 2021 recipient of its Fran Ford Award, given annually to exceptional TMG teammates since 2018.

Vollmer serves in order entry at the Missouri-based supplier.

The award is bestowed based on nominations from colleagues who are described as friends and mentors displaying kindness and generosity, and who have participated in a volunteer capacity either inside or outside the promotional products industry during the calendar year of their nomination. 

In describing why Vollmer was chosen, Aaron Gunderson, SVP Sales & Fran Ford Award Committee Chair, says “Linda embodies the outstanding characteristics that defined Fran, being a great friend, mentor, volunteer, passion for the company, kindness and generosity. Her commitment and dedication to her family, friends & TMG is second to none.”

Included with the honor is a donation to Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF), a passion for Ford, who spent 40 years in the industry until his death in 2018.

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