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SnugZ USA Debuts AR Sales Tool

27 Jan 2022 6:16 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

SnugZ USA has introduced an augmented reality (AR) product experience, Swagar. The West Jordan, Utah-based supplier’s Swagar product experience allows users to view and interact with digital objects in the real world through a smartphone or tablet without an app or additional download. With the scan of a QR code with the phone’s native camera, customers are able to view the product in a three-dimensional space and then enter into a real-life AR environment to view and share. The software works with iOS and Android phones and tablets.

”We know AR is coming. Being the first to market was important as we’ve been able to set the stage on how it’s utilized, marketed and branded,” says Jeff Anderton, director of content. “I strongly believe the future of promo will be a blend of physical product with digital experiences. We are continually striving to be a leader in intelligent innovations and know our new suite of Swagar sales tools will help differentiate our distributors from their competition. And this is only the beginning.”

Swagar is live on the company’s website and is available for 20 products with plans to expand product offering extensively over the next couple months.

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