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American Solutions for Business Announces New Advisory Board Members

10 Dec 2021 6:10 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

American Solutions for Business has announced new board members joining their Vendor Advisory Board, effective January 1, 2022.

This advisory board is an exclusive group of trusted partners who provide valuable feedback and guidance regarding decisions that affect the prosperity of ASB’s sales associates, customers and partners. The group advises in an array of areas including events, budgeting, branding, product trends, technology, marketing strategy and more. Members moving forward serve a total of two years.

“This board has been instrumental in contributing to ASB’s success,” says Dana Zezzo, VP of Marketing, Vendor Relations & Events. “We are incredibly grateful to our board members who have provided guidance and support over the last two years and are excited to welcome our incoming board members to this dynamic group."

Incoming members for 2022-2024 include: Marc Held (Alphabroder/Prime), Dan Taylor (BamBams), Mike Szymczak (Hub Promotional Group), Melissa Ralston (Koozie Group), Beth Marston (Navitor), Jarod Thorndike (SAGE), Kevin Walsh (Showdown Displays), Roni Wright (The Book Company) and Bob Saunders (Wise).

They will join a select portion of the original board members rolling over for their final term ending in 2023, including Steve Osterloh (Ennis), Scott Leonard (Hit Promotional Products), Miles Wadsworth (Logo Mats) and Phil Sperling (Printco).

Members rolling off the board after having served from 2019-2021 include: Mike D'Ottoviano (ASI), Adam McNeill (CE Printed Products), Charles Duggan (Goldstar), Mark Mallory (ID Images), Stuart McLelland (Phenix Direct), Rob Newell (SanMar) and Megan Zezzo (S&S Activewear).
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