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SanMar Announces Vice President of Logistics

23 Feb 2023 6:38 PM | Cassondra Franze (Administrator)

SanMar Corporation (PPAI 110788, S16) announced John Janson as Vice President, Global Logistics. Janson, a longtime SanMar leader who elevated the company’s logistics and deepened partnerships with key strategic suppliers, assumed the role effective February 5.

  • Janson is a logistics leader who brings deep transportation management expertise to SanMar’s executive team. During his nearly 40-year career, he has served more than six years at SanMar, most recently as senior director of global logistics. In 2022, Janson was honored by DC Velocity with its annual Rain Maker award, celebrating leaders making a difference in the world of logistics.
  • “We are thrilled to have a trusted expert and natural leader at the helm of our logistics network,” said Patrick Noonan, chief product officer at SanMar. “John is positioned to lead SanMar to the next level."
  • The move marks a notable investment in the company’s leadership of its global and domestic supply network.
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